Not able to accept mums gone

Its been 5 weeks on wednesday since i lost my beloved mum , her funeral was a week ago today . Im just having trouble accepting the fact that shes gone . Because she was in hospital for her last few weeks , i can kid myself that shes still there , thats why she hasnt been at my home everyday . I cant think of her as never coming back , never seeing her or hugging her again . I relive the last few weeks before she left and the day itself over and over until i have to stop or i feel ill go mad . When i do think about her being gone i get a hollow physical pain in my chest and stomach but no tears , im just carrying on day to day seemingly normal but its like wading through quicksand and im constantly tired , no energy . Its so hard to accept any of this .


Keep walking through the quick sand you have not processed anything yet . It’s all still very raw slow down and be kind to yourself.
It’s been two months for me I am on the antidepressants as you say the same thoughts were driving me crazy. I still have them every day but I am not overwhelmed by them I can get through a working day before I collapse. I have had to go down to three days a week tho.
Just rest you will get through this.
Keep posting good people on here