Not again!!

After a brave 32 and a half month uphill battle with mesothelioma, my dear Wife passed away in the early hours of 31st July at the Hospice where She has been a “Day-Care” patient every Tuesday since She was diagnosed in November 2015. She was 67. We only met relatively late in life, we’ve been together since March 2003 and it would have been our 7th Wedding Anniversary on Monday. I lost my first wife aged only 30 in 1983, have been married in between, so thought that I could “get on with it” but how wrong I was. We were blissfully happy together, never had a cross word all the time I knew Her. Now I feel as if I’ve lost everything, well I have really, havn’t I. Both families were very supportive , my Youngest daughter, who lives at the other end of the country, came and stayed with me, fortunately, my dear Sister-in-law from the Midlands was staying with us when the end came, We were both with Her when She went. Now everyone has gone back home to get on with their lives and I’m here in our lovely bungalow on my own with nothing but memories. Life really can be a bitch sometimes, can’t it??

Yes ,it can . I’m so sorry for the loss of your lovely wife.
I’m glad you have the support of your family.

Take care of yourself and give yourself time to grieve. Jx

Thanks for the reply. I will take care of myself, don’t You worry. I have 4 grown up Children, three Daughters aged 49,46 and 43 who are all determined to look after me in my dotage. My Son, who’s 39, would do also, but He lives and works in Saudi Arabia and doesn’t get home much. I also have 7 wonderful Grandchildren, 4 girls aged 21,18, 15 and 13, and 3 boys aged 26 23 and 20 and a 4 year old great grandson so have a great deal to live for. My Wife also had 2 Children from Her previous Marriage, A Son 39 who has 2 children, one of whom is one of the “Famous” Georges, born on the same day as Prince George( born a good bit earlier and named a lot earlier!!) and Daughter 35, both of whom I have a very good relationship with. I also have a lot of friends where I live, including many of my Wife’s female friends who all fuss around me like mother hens. So You can see I have a LOT of support, but it’s when they all go home and leave me to it that it hurts the most. The old saying “Time is a great healer” is very true and will apply in my case. I also have some hobbies that have been neglected over the last couple of years that I intend taking up again. C.x