Not coping after my husband passing away

Hi I only joined today, I’m finding coping with my husband passing away on 4/4/21 really difficult.
He had his covid vaccine and just didn’t recover, I got him home for 11 days end of life.
He was living with heart failure and a stroke I was his 24/7 carer for eight and half years.
I’ve lost my love and my role I’m heartbroken and lost.


Hi jazzie I’m so sorry for your loss . I lost my partner on the same day as you Easter Sunday it still feels like yesterday it was very sudden with no warning I still cry every day and don’t go out unless I really have to as I get panic attacks now . I have no family here in Uk and don’t hear from my friends anymore . I didn’t need anyone as we had each other and were always together I miss him every second of every day . We had so many plans now there’s nothing but emptiness.
It’s good you are on this website I found it a great comfort to just wrote if I need to there’s always someone on here .
Sending hugs

@Jazzie hi I am so very sorry for your loss I lost my soulnate pauline on the 14 of April and feel so lost and empty without her she was my world all we really had was eachother and our pets every day feels so long keep posting on here you will find support and people who understand how we are feeling I hope you have support around you stay safe take care

@anon92799665 hi I am so very sorry for your loss and I’m sorry you don’t have support around you as you said it does help a little talking on here I feel less alone when I talk on here stay safe take care

Dear Jazzie

Sorry that you find yourself on this terrible journey. We can all relate in some way to the pain that you feel. Keep posting, people will listen, understand and give support as best they can.

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