Not coping at moment

Lost my husband of 55 years five months ago. I seemed to be starting to cope with life without him and then wham it has really hit me again. Family and friends have been supportive but I feel that now they think I am able to cope. I feel so lonely and sad. I don’t know what to do.

Hi Grace im very sorry for your loss(im 57 my wife died on her birthday in March she was 41 ) youll have good days and bad days through your nightmare .There is no time limit on coping .Time is a great healer i disagree it just forces you to think of the future differently .Deep love unfortunately has a massive cost when your soulmate dies.Take it day by day have some me time treat yourself i.e a chocolate bar watch a dvd .Your mind needs a break from all this because the nightmare will still be there after your treat time.Idont wish to be blunt or upset you .But thats how i see my situation with life .Have you tried Cruse or visited your gp .I do both and it helps me (i have no family or friends )I hope ive helped if ive upset you im deeply sorry Friendship hug Colin