not coping well

i thought i was coping with my dads death well but my family says otherwise,
they find me irratable demanding and angry towards them,
its driving a wedge between us and i dont know how to deal with it

I’m not coping my son took his own life two years ago I’ve tried hard to accept it but it’s not getting any easier and I don’t know we’re to turn

Bless you. I’m being a utter b£&@( to everybody. I can feel this and it’s scary, but everybody expresses things differently. They love you I’m sure. Acknowledge you’re finding things difficult. Reach out. What do you need? What do they need? Maybe try and meet in the middle. Don’t be tough on yourself. It’s hard. Take care.

You’ve been brave enough to take this step. Talk therapy helped me. And maybe MIND have some support for family. I recently came across a great charity called the Charlie Waller Trust. Maybe getting involved in a great charity like this, helping others, could give you some little comfort. I feel for you. Be kind to yourself.