Not coping well

I lost my best friend on 1/8. She was admitted to the hospital with a respiratory issue and in a week she was gone. I was able to say my goodbyes, which was important and so very special. I’m still grabbing the phone to call her and crying when I remember she’s gone. I was also laid off on 1/28, great timing. Here I am, 2 months later with no job for the first time in 42 years, and more lost in my grief than ever. Any tips on daily routines to get back to life? Thank you for reading.

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Hi tulip62, I’m so glad you got to say goodbye. It’s very normal to feel lost. Maybe you don’t need a new routine maybe just dig back in your memory and find something you wanted to do when you were younger then and if needed do it an adult way. Walk the dog to a different park, it doesn’t need a big commitment in time or money. It may broaden your horizons just a little and who knows where that will lead to…