Not coping with losing my partner and soulmate of 18yrs

If anyone would like to chat please send me a reply im heartbroken like everyone else who has lost a dear loved one anyway if there is someone there with nobody to chat with or share the grief pain and hurt please message me back god bless take care x


Hi Kennym

Thank you for reaching out to the community :blue_heart: I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I just wanted to let you know that you have been heard and you are not alone.

Take good care,

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Thank you.

It’s hard, REALLY hard. Like many others I have lost my parents but that doesn’t compare to losing your partner in my opinion. I’m 11 months in now and there’s good days, bad days and VERY bad days. You are stronger than you think.

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I’m just coming up to five weeks in - that’ll be at 10am tomorrow - but would echo Jiml in that its very very hard but you will find that you are stronger than you think.
While its just been 5 weeks it feels like 5 years. Some days I just sat around crying, but I made myself start talking to a few people who understood what I was going through and who really helped me not fall into a total pit of despair, as they had gone through the same and came out the other side. I guess I was lucky to have them in my life though.
They said memories and the hurt will never go away but the precious memories help to take away the pain and hurt. There are still many firsts for me to go through but each small and seemingly insignificant one I’ve been through to date I’ve reflected back on so that the second, the third etc, times have become just that bit easier. I was advised to get back to living my life until I became alive again and I can slowly see that coming on the horizon. I still break down, though sometimes at the most insignificant of things and will likely continue to do so for some time - however I can see that its a necessary part of rebuilding myelf.
If there are any local bereavement or Sue Ryder grief kind groups - or any others - I’d recommend signing up for them just to be able to meet and talk to people going through a similar thing - not to mention chatting on here.


Thank you ive lost my mum many yrs ago a wife of 22yrs then met jo and 18yrs later ive now lost her and my son died in a motorbike accident 7yrs ago he was 22 its awful losing loved ones but thank for your kind words and help.