Not coping

I lost my partner 5 weeks ago to cancer it was very sudden. We have been together over 35 years.

hi Kim5
sorry for the loss of your partner.sadly so many of us on here know the emotional turmoil heart break you are now going through.ive been on this journey called grief for 14 months and cannot says its getting much easier.but lots of people on here have found ways to get through the days and nights since losing their partners.some of the ladies at present have a few threads were they chat about this and that to get through the days.
others read the many threads around this wonderful site which gives them an insight into how the loss of a loved one effects their lives greatly.
it affects us all in different ways but in essence we are all in the same boat which we wish was not in. hope fully you will find this site a little helpful and some of us members friendly and welcoming.just know you are not alone and we are here to help if we can.
warm regards


Thank you I know in this situation is worst you feel so lonely I can’t stop crying the pain is unbearable can’t focus at times

Hi kim5,
My thoughts are with you. The pain of it all is so immense, it’s still so raw for you at the moment, the situation means we are all alone, I lost my husband six months ago and the beginning was like a blur , constant crying , shaking, shock and disbelief, I’m now starting to feel a bit stronger , some days.
We are all here to listen and to share some comfort.
Keep posting, this wonderful site will help you so much
Steph xx


Thank you I know we’re all in the same boat would I feel a little better with family around I don’t know

No probably not, they can never know how you are feeling, and I think we just want to be on our own, and scream , shout and cry, but it’s nice to know you’ve got people there who care if needed.
It’s so raw for you just now, try to stay strong
Thinking of you x

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your welcome.also remember your in the very early days everything is raw.
and your emotions will be all over the place.just let things flow dont hold in your feelings,
let the tears flow as and when you need to,and losing your husband/partner is one of the worst traumas you will ever face,its far from easy this journey called grief.and we all have to find our own ways of coping and managing our own lives.heres hoping lockdown ends soon so you can at least seek a little comfort with family and friends.
but just know you can say what ever you feel will help you and us members will try to help a being on this site you will never be alone.

Hi Kim5. I feel so sorry for your loss. I lost my own lovely husband of over 40 years just 6 weeks ago. There is a wonderful book I got on Kindle has helped to answer a lot for me. It is called ‘Heartbroken - Healing for the loss of a spouse’ by Gary Roe. He has several other books too. It’s worth a look. I do hope this helps.

Hi Jean thank you I will have a look and so sorry for your loss xx