Not coping

It’s been 8 LONG months since my best friend took her own life. The pain is getting harder I’m struggling with every aspect of my life I’m pushing everyone away from me as I can’t be around people. I still go to work just but it’s horrendous some tell me to get a grip I try not to socialise a lot with my work colleagues as there not a nice bunch there is the odd one that I get on with I’m just at breaking point. I’ve started counselling but it’s not helping I just want my friend back.

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I know where you are coming from lost my son 15 weeks ago to suicide I would do anything to have him back the pain is unbearable. Nothing seems to matter I put a mask on when I see people but inside I am hurting spend most of my time when I am alone crying and feeling guilty and lots of what ifs. Had counselling but that has finished I’m still left with all the pain as well as dealing with solicitor as there is going to be a full inquest with a jury. I am broken unless it has happened to you . The grief is so bad.

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Hello, pleased you have both posted, I appreciate the pain you are both feeling. Yes, counselling can help but personally I feel the amount of sessions will not be sufficient for either of you knowing how suicide affects those left behind. There are sites which deal with nothing else, one I know is they are very good. There are many posts on here from people in a similar situation and they may help better than myself. Please keep posting and I pray that your pain gets less and you both get the help you desperately need. S xxx

Hello thank you for your message I will try and get some support from sobs I can’t stop thinking about him and what he was he going through when he took his own life and so young xx

Wow I’m sorry for you I really am .it’s such an unfair world

Hi Just want to say as more information comes out it could have been prevented I can’t imagine what he was going through still can’t believe it he really did not deserve this I wish I could hold him and talk to him instead I have to put my mask on and try to carry on it is so hard to do this . I know I have other sons but as he was youngest he was still my baby I know he lived his life how he wanted and he thought cos he had mental illness he would be okay. I should have done more and I am struggling to do things I’m like a robot and will never forgive myself ever life is so hard.