Not coping

It’s been 9 weeks since jannie left really bad day sit her all alone crying again I forgot what her voice sounds like eating another ready meal I just not coping today so I thought I would put this down as it helps just a little I know I moaning but can’t help is sorry I know I not alone,


Hi @1954.ron you’re not moaning. You’re just saying how you are feeling. And if it helps you to put your feelings on here then that is ok. I am having a bad day also. Well every day is bad but today more so. I’ve been crying most of the day. Apologising to my husband for not being able to keep him alive. I know he didn’t want to die and it just breaks my heart when I think about what must have been going through his mind. I love and miss him so much. It breaks my heart to not have him here with me. The tears are flowing again so better stop writing now. Take care.X


I am so sorry darling I know what the hurt feels like it’s absolutely agony sending you lots of hugs please take care it’s so hard I know x

You are not moaning Ron this is how you feel. I get the voice and you do move on from ready meals as get sick of them. You take care.

Thanks darling it means a lot sending huge