Not coping

I just dont no how to cope its hit me harder over the last few days i dont no why i feel like im losing control thus as been 8 weeks of torment i just dont no what to do xx


Hi. Maybe don’t worry too much about why you feel so bad, just accept it as a bad patch. My friend said to me, don’t think further than the next cup of tea. We are here for each other, to support as some will have better days when some have worse. Just think of today as a mechanical body day where your body just goes through the motions. Never give hope that one day will be a better day. X

10 weeks in and i still cant cope, last night had a shower and felt better then getting dried and changed in the bedroom i became hysterical for about 10 minutes, could hardly breath and making peculiar noises ive never made before crying. Just after 10 minutes of this i stopped instantly like someone had turn a tap on and then off again, i hate feeling like this its such a sad and lonely existence without Jane i so wish i could go back in time. I feel like im sinking and i just want to be with Jane again


@Catherine1234, @Narna, I am so sorry that things are feeling so hard right now. You are both in the early days of grief and your losses are so recent and raw.

I am glad you have reached out to the community - thank you @Tiffany for offering your support.

I just wanted to share some organisations who are always just a call or text away anytime you would like someone to talk to:

  • Samaritans are available 24/7 to talk about anything that you are worried about in confidence. You can call them on 116 123.
  • Shout are contactable by text, 24/7. You can text SHOUT to 85258 and talk to them about anything.
  • You can also find your local NHS urgent mental health helpline here.
  • If you’re worried you’re going to hurt yourself, call 999 or go to your nearest A&E.

If you’re interested in counselling, we offer free sessions at Sue Ryder. You can also make an appointment with your GP and ask to be referred to counselling or other support services in your area. You may also wish to look at our Grief Guide, which provides articles and interactive tools to help you cope with grief. If you’re interested in understanding more about grief and how you can manage it, please visit

Take care,


Thank you xx

I feel the same the noises with crying are normal i think it happens to me its the pain and emotions are overwhelming its so hard x

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Thank you much appreciated

@Narna @Catherine1234 Catherine1234
There are weekly Zoom meetings held on a Friday at 8pm (and we’re trying out Tuesday night also to see if it’s worth doing 2 a week). These are not organised by Sue Ryder but by people like yourselves suffering bereavement. If you are interested pm @KarenF or myself and we can add you to the private message for interested people. (this doesn’t commit you in any way to having to attend). Here is the link to the pm relating to the meetings.
Best wishes

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