Not Coping

I’m not doing very well. No one is giving me any real help. I’m on Edinburgh. Is there anyone else near me who feels they can’t go on without their loved one?


Dear Laraine.g1, I am so sorry that you are not coping well. It is now over a year since I lost my Philmore suddenly and I also cannot cope very well. I am on my own and have no family. I am still waiting for counseling and hope that you will also get help soon. We were about 26 years together and I was married to him 15 years and two months. Do you have any family who can support you? Did you speak to your GP about it? Have you tried any bereavement groups in Edinburgh? It is such a pity that we all live all over the place, otherwise we could all meet up. Sending love and hugs.

Omg I feel the same but I keep saying that I want him to be proud of me

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