Not coping

Hi I’m new to here…I’m struggling so hard after losing my mam…its been 2 years and feel like part of me died too

Hi Blair, you feel that way because it’s exactly what happened, you feel a deep loss because she was a big part of your life, she shaped you and made you the person you are.
What I always say is the everlasting life referred to in the Bible doesn’t just mean in heaven, when those we love leave their earthly shells they live on in us. They made us who we are, so although a part of us dies with them while we live so do they.
I woke up crying this morning, I really didn’t want to be aliv

Sorry, hit that send button by accident - I didn’t want to carry on living. I feel so alone after my sweetheart and soulmate of more than 21 years passed away in April.
It hurts so much because I loved her more than anything in the world.
I know though she will always

Sorry again - she will always be in my heart so each day I try to do something to honour her memory by performing one good deed and help someone else.
Prayers and good thoughts, Carl.

Hi carl1955 sorry for your loss…its hard feels like our hearts are constantly aching…I do try to honour mam by making memorial baubles and photo frames for people who have lost loved ones for nothing this brings a little comfort …thanks for the reply