Not cried

It has really helped reading the comments here.
I’m not someone who usually shares my feelings but reading others comments has helped.

I lost my husband suddenly 6 months ago and I still haven’t shed a tear. I miss him dreadfully and feel guilty over this.

I am finding missing him harder as time passes, I suppose reality setting in. I have friends and family but it’s true the saying you can be lonely in a room full of people. I miss the simple everyday chat, the looks between us that only we understand.

I hear others saying she’s doing well, keeping busy and I want to scream at them that I’m not.

I just miss having the presence in the house and keep the radio on full time as I really hate the silence. Apologies for going on so much but thanks for having somewhere I can share


I’m so sorry you lost your husband. It’s so hard.
I lost my husband 2 months ago and it has been an emotional rollercoaster but there are times when I feel nothing and completely numb. Those days are a welcome relief to the pain of grief and I know it’s only my mind giving me a break from the pain, so I don’t feel guilty. But I really don’t like feeling nothing and when the next wave comes I am relieved in some odd way, even though it is horrendous to experience.
We all grieve in different ways and you shouldn’t feel guilty about how your body and mind lets you respond - I’m not sure we have much or any control over it.
I also feel it gets harder as time passes - and the constant sadness leaves an ache in my heart.
I find this forum really helpful - is not something I would ever thought I would engage with but like you hearing others feel the same / similar gives a little bit comfort when the future feels so dark.
Keep checking in here - folk here really do understand.


You’re not ‘going on’… it’s ok to spill your thoughts here. We’ve all done it, there’s no judgement.
Maybe one day you’ll cry, maybe you won’t. We are all different and express things in different ways.
I do completely understand what you say about the day to day… this complete silence and emptiness feels like it’s closing in on me some days, and I can’t quite believe he’s never coming home.


Thank you so much for your comments it really does help hearing from people who truly understand

Dear Annd - I completely understand everything you say - I feel the same as you. I haven’t cried yet and I too feel guilt - but the tears are still there. You are not “going on” you are writing about how many of us feel everyday. This site has helped me express thoughts that I wouldn’t have been able to express otherwise. :heart:


Thank you. While I don’t want anyone else suffering it is helpful others feel the same x

Am broken hearted for you - so sad for your loss xxx

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I totally understand what you are saying, I lost my husband early January and i could have written exactly what you wrote. Its comforting know Im not ths only one.


Take care 🩷

So sorry @Annd. I’m 7 months on this journey, and after the first shock of his death, I haven’t cried many physical tears; but I’m crying inside every moment of the day. Grieving comes in different forms, and not always as tears.