Not dead! but gone.

My husband is not dead but I am grieving. I am bereft.
I’ve known Frank for around 53 years, he was my soulmate, he was my brothers friend, not my type at all but I was attracted to his spirit.
We have been married almost 48 years and most of our time together was great. We have 5 amazing sons.
He was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s around 2014. We knew something was wrong with him.
September 2020 I had to allow him to go into residential care as he was forgetting who I was and it was stressful.
Just over a year now but I’m grieving, every time I go visit him I’m grieving, it’s never ending.
Right away I realised we were never going to share our bed again. I never realised what pain I was going to be dealing with. Some friends think I am lucky that I still have him but I don’t
I have to watch him decline every time I visit, the care staff taking him by the hand leading him away after.

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You are very brave writing your post, it is an impossible position to find yourself in. I have two friends who’s husbands have dementia and to watch and see what they are going through is very difficult. I really cannot agree with your friends because I feel pleased that my soulmate went only 9 weeks after diagnosis from a form of cancer and had very little in the way of pain. To watch someone you love go down very slowly, I can’t think how hard that must be. My thoughts and blessings to you you both. S xx

Thank you susie for the encouragement.