Not feeling like going on

Nothing to live for. Feeling bad all the time


Hi pam
It will get better I promise. Not much for a long time, but bearable.
Can you get out of the house for walks? In the early days when I was unfit for work, I would go on 2 hour walks. They helped me so much and also wore me out which helped me sleep.
Exercise really will help get you through the early days when you cant see a way forward.
Cheryl x

Aw cheryl thanks. Youre so kindx

I never thought I would feel as together as I do. I couldnt see a way forward in those first days, weeks and months.
Dont get me wrong. I think of mum every second. I feel sick looking at the gorgeous living room, bedroom and bathroom in mybunfsliw that she furnished and decorated and loved, even though she only used the for 10 months. I’m still prone to crying every two or three days and I’m still unable to socialise.
But, I am working, I am running a home, I am able to enjoy a drama on tv, I’m able to read a book and laugh with my daughter.
I never thought I would be here but I am and you will get there toox

My bungalow