Not getting any easier

Hi all,

Been nearly 6 months since my partner suddenly passed away.

We are still awaiting coronors and police reports.

We have decided to lay his ashes to rest next week on the day my daughter leaves nursery which am dreading.

Past few days been awful, some days feels like am getting somewhere then bang hits ya like a ton of bricks can’t stop crying. Hes never out my mind.


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Hi it’s still early days and with it being sudden and all the other stuff you have going on it’s going to overwhelm you at times. And that is how it can be somedays seem better than others. It’s horrible I know all too well.

Hopefully you will feel better but it’s hard to say when everyone is so different. You may need additional help. Nice to hear from you look after yourself. Much love :heart: to you


Am getting 121 councilling.

Everything just seems to be getting on top of me.

Trying to be strong my 4 year old.

Didn’t think at 37 I’d be going through this.

No one I know has been in this situation so it’s hard to talk about.

Thanks for messaging x

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Hi fully understandable. Glad that your getting some counselling it will help. It will do you have a had a huge shock. I get trying to be strong for your 4 year old. That must so tough for you.

I can understand at such a young age that being where you are seems unthinkable. And having no one whom has been in a similar situation must also be so hard. That being said we are here for you. Take care much love :heart: Mark

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