Not My Life

Why am I trapped in someone else’s life?
My own was always warm and full of wife,
Aglow with love and laughter all the time.
This cold and empty life cannot be mine!

How did I get transported to this place?
Here there are only photos of her face!
The wife I knew had touch and taste and smell.
We shared our thoughts in cosy kiss and tell.

Why can’t I understand this mystery?
That man inside the mirror isn’t me!
Let me wake up to find my happy place.
Return me to her comforting embrace.

My life did not have days that last this long.
And there I was so confident and strong.
But this guy’s life has shrivelled up so small,
And wishes it were not a life at all.


when you lose people, your family, spouse, they take so much with them and you are left there and it is very hard. it is like you are just halved. or even less than that. I am very sorry.