Not seeing her again

I was just wondering how people cope with knowing they will not see there parent again?

I miss my mum so much and i just want to see her and speak to her, its hurts so much knowing i will not see her again.

NicciC, I am sorry about your mum, it is very hard when you have been close to someone and they have to leave us. I know from my own personal experiences that it is ‘not to be able to talk’ to those we have loved. Part of me thinks they can hear us and then sometimes I think I must be crazy but I talk to my soulmate and I tell him what have been doing, ok it’s not the same but it’s all I have. This grieving thing is hard.
Hope others have more answers than I do and things get easier for you. Take care. S xx


Hi Nicci, I’m also missing my mum immeasurably. Every time I go to a shop, there are reminders of things we bought together, or I see something she’d like & my immediate reaction is to get it for her. Then I come home and all the reminders are there too. Unfortunately there is no magic coping method, grief means getting used to it. It’s hard, it’s horrible, and it’s a massive process emotionally & physically. Keep reaching out on here, and other forums or social media. You’ll find the most random, lovely people out there also going through this. The Good Grief Trust website is also a great place with lots of resources. Keep on keeping on. Slowly as you need & kindly to yourself. X


I can totally understand what you have said x it’s been a year now for me and I wake up often and think I need to ring my mum as I did a few times a day and tell her something, then I remember and the pain strikes again… my mum was also my best friend she was so young (72) and well and her death was sudden, yesterday I went with my dad clothes shopping as he now lives with me and my family and all I kept thinking was I love you dad but it’s my mum I want to be shopping with… sounds terrible typing this but it’s such a overwhelming emotion xx keep strong you are not alone xx


I know how you feel, when i go to visit my dad i can’t help thinking i would rather be seein my mum (hes in a nursing home) i know its bad but i cant help it, i was so much closer to my mum and doing things with her all the time aswell. My mum was 61 when she died (4wks ago) it makes it hard knowing there will be alot of things i want to do with her which i can no longer do.x