Not sleeping

Hi All. I wish i could sleep properly, im so tired. Last night i cried and cried, i only got a few hours sleep. I called work to say i wasn’t going in, as i looked awful and felt awful too. Ive recently just sold our 2 cars and bought one and it seems to have bought on another episode of anxiety, stress and no sleep. I dont really want to take medication but i think i will give sleeping pills a go, not sure if they work but i think if i could just sleep i would feel a bit better. its been nearly 4 months since my husband passed, ive been trying really hard to be positive etc be a good mom, going to work, but im so exhausted and when the crying starts it makes me even more tired… thought going to work would help… it hasn’t


I know how you feel I cannot sleep been 8 months since I lost my husband,
The doctor did give me sleeping tablets for the 1st 2 weeks when my husband passed
They did help but I was still waking up early,

Then they gave me 2 different antidepressants,which I’m not taking as it made me feel dizzy the next day when I took them ,and I care for my elderly mother
I do walk a lot and try to get out once a week with a friend shopping and a meal out ,
So sorry for your loss
Take care
Big hugs


Hi @Chelle I would get to sleep ok but then wake at 3 am and not get back to sleep. Once the funeral was done I started to sleep longer and now sleep through from half 9 till half 5. I do however feel permanently tired and looking forward to the summer holidays and have a few weeks off work.

Some tricky times coming up so will see if it changes but I hope not.


im hoping it gets easier, with a house, work and a 9 year old and trying to grieve its hard, im always up at stupid a clock even before… but now im barely sleeping at all. I break up for the 6 weeks holidays soon so hoping a nice holiday with my eldest & youngest daughter will help. Thank you both for replying sending you both a hug x


Enjoy your holiday with your children ,
It will do you good to get away
Take care xx

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Hi @Chelle

I’m really sorry to hear that you’re struggling with sleep. It may be helpful to read our article on our Grief Guide platform for tips to help your sleep routine: Sue Ryder Grief Guide

Grief Guide also has lots of information for coping with bereavement, so please do take a look if you would like to.

Take care,

(Sue Ryder Online Community team)

Thank you for the info ill take a look

I’m have the same problem with sleeping, did you find anything that helped

i actually take a sleeping tablet when i cant switch off, it does get easier with time.