Not sure how to continue

Hi, I’ve recently lost my godfather due to cancer at the end of November and I’m not sure how to continue with my life. I was very close to him and this is the first real loss I’ve had in my life and my first expierence. Even just over a month later I’m still crying over it day after day. I guess I’m just wondering if there’s any way to try to make it feel more like reality and how to think of him as a good memory and not get upset every time I think about him thanks everyone

Hi im sorry for your loss .Have you been to see your gp (im on medication i find it helps ) theres also the samaritans they never close. Take it day by day try have some me time a little escape is good because the nightmare is still there after your me time .Im sure others will reply and a lot of us dont mind private messages .Dont be a stranger keep coming back Colin

Hello reaching out a hand to you at such a lonely time , I am still struggling with loss particularly of my father , I just want to say please if you can when you think of those sad bits and when grief hits you try and think of a good memory (it’s hard I know) BUT it’s those memories that will see you through!and also try to remember all he taught you and think would he want me to sit and cry or would he want me to be living life the best I can … My tough bit is I cannot get out of my head the way my dad suffered at the end of his life it was so unjust for a good man ! And he passed in 2015 xx