Not sure if I'm depressed after loss of mom

I lost my mom may just gone ,I felt like I had a grip of things ,I go running each evening which has helped,but the past week I have been battling thoughts in my head ,I feel that I should get a job at the hospital where mom passed,cause I’ll feel closer to her ,I know it sounds crazy,but that’s how I felt at the start ,my sleeping isn’t good and I cry lots ,and my appetite is not good ,I have been trying to feel good and have positive thoughts of mom,but I’m struggling to be honest,sorry to go on but hopefully I can see some light again.

Dear Laura,

I’m so sorry to hear about your mother’s death. It seems that you’re really struggling at the moment, and although the feelings and thoughts you describe are normal when you’re grieving, I feel you could benefit from visiting your GP. Your GP will be able to diagnose you if you’re suffering from depression and can prescribe you medication or refer you to counseling.

I’m glad you have found our Online Community. You are among people who understand here. While you wait for more replies to your post, you may also wish to read and reply to some posts by other people who’ve also lost their mothers, for example:

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Thank you I’m seeing the doctor this Friday hopefully he can help me with the way I’m feeling,it’s a very lonely road many thanks x

Laura all the best for Friday …lost my fiance …5 months ago I realised that I needed help this morning have tried on my own …stiff upper lip. I’m ok my stock answer but have hit a brick wall …I’ve been having crazy thoughts just stupid ones daydreaming about different sinareos … …although I personnally wouldn’t want tablets( only my view I do know people they have helped ) I believe talking to someone face to face may help me so seeing GP in morning wishing you the best your not alone …although I understand the lonliness big time xx

All the best to you aswell,hopefully we shall start to feel better :heart:

Dear Laura I am so sorry to hear passing of your mum, I lost my wife of 34 years, six week ago, if I had a pound for rvery time anyone said the time is a healer, today I would be very wealthy man. My memories are very raw, never a moment passes when I do not think of my wife. I am having counseling at the Hospice where my wife passed away which helps me tremendously. All the best when you see your GP, remember there is no shame in taking antidepressants to see you through this difficult time.
Take Care Laura
Regards Mac

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