Not the same

The sun still rises in the east
And darkness falls at night
But nothing now seems quite the same
each day is not as bright
The birds still sing, the flowers grow
the breeze still whispers, too
but it will never,ever be the same world without you
It’s so sad that you had to go your leaving caused such pain
but you were very special
and earth’s loss is heaven’s gain.


That is beautiful x


That really is so true I am not good with words like you thank you for sharing like is all on here we are struggling with out our soulmate never imagined life on my own miss him so much the pain will never go away come in here and write my feelings down people listen who feel the same what a sad place we are all living in what is the point I ask myself oh if only it was this time last year life was full of love and happiness now it’s not thinking of you all take care xx