Not wanting to put people off seeing me

One of the hardest parts for me is going out with family or friends who are atill couples, always feel like the odd one out, and if going for a meal, i hate having an “Empty” chair opposite, brings me to tears. I also find it really tough to keep mentioning Mar’s as in “Mar’s would have loved this” (Mar’s being short for Marlene) or “We always did this” i’m frightened of boring or worse depressing the people who are tryingbto help me. Im most comfortable being around single people or out for a drink with the fellas.

But I still have to come back to an empty house though and that “Hollow” & sickly feeling.


I’ve not done the couple thing yet. I’m not sure I will. I’ve been out with the girls work and family and that’s ok for me.

I understand about referencing our partners. Like you, I don’t want to upset people and have felt awkward when I bring him up but I will continue to do so if it’s in the right context.

I have a couple of adult children at home but still hard not coming home to my partner.


Its all too easy to be “lonely in a crowd”. In the early days its a lot easier to be home alone. It might help if a friend of your choosing goes with you.

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Join the club :frowning: xxx