Nothing helps

Counselling, family, talking on the phone to various help lines, coffee with a friend etc…nothing works or helps because they are not my beloved Rob. I don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone else as they are not Rob. Me and Rob understood how we were both feeling without sometimes needing words. We both felt safe and comfortable in each others prescence. Now I am having to talk to strangers and my life has been torn apart. Everything has been turned upside down and nothing or no-one can replace our wonderful loving relationship. Everything is just pointless. All our plans trashed including getting married this year. I am totally broken.


Hi, I found in the first few months nothing really helped, I understand now that I was in shock & felt like I was somewhere else/nowhere for a long time.

All I did at the beginning was to get up, get washed & dressed & eat something, it didn’t matter what I eat as long as it was something.

The biggest help for me was to start writing my thoughts & feelings down, I’ve got loads of filled journals, sometimes I’d write to my husband, sometimes I would just write my innermost thoughts & feelings, for me it was like a purge, getting it all the feelings out of my head.

I’m 3 years on but when I hit a bad day I turn to writing again.

You could maybe try it?


I’ve just started being able to read and write a journal again after seven months but am still finding it difficult to concentrate for long, it’s just so hard coming to terms with what has happened and that no one can really help me it’s something I have to work out myself xx