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My sleep is terrible, I just can’t fall asleep at a reasonable time no matter what I do. I can’t sleep without my phone because I have severe anxiety even before losing my Mum :heart:

I have panic attacks as I’m falling asleep so now it’s like my body is conditioned not to give in to sleep now for fear of the panic.

I miss my Mum so much, Monday was 8 weeks since losing her and my life is just empty now. I just wish I was religious/spiritual because I need that comfort :pensive:


Sorry to hear about your mum. My mum died just over 6 weeks ago, I’m having trouble sleeping, I get to sleep but keep waking almost every hour during the night and finding it difficult to get back to sleep again. I did get sleeping pills from my GP but they didn’t work so gave up on them. I’ve tried all the usual suggestions - exercise, meditation, yoga, herbal tea, pillow mist, wine - none have worked. Hope you get some sleep soon. xx

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It’s 10 weeks now since I lost Alan and the first few weeks were just awful. I don’t think I slept more than an hour at a time and was always up at 3 pacing the house and wandering around the garden. I kept a couple of boring books by my bed to read in the night which helped a bit and passed the time. But I can say that in the last couple of weeks I’ve been much better. I actually want to go to bed and am actually sleeping for a good 5 or 6 hours straight. I feel like a different person. So I think it might just be a matter of time and you will have a good sleep again. But you can’t force it. My lovely counsellor said that our bodies are amazing things and when they really need to sleep, they will. That takes the pressure off a bit too. Take care x


I’m sorry. :heart: I also suffered from anxiety before and everything that’s happened has only made it worse. I wish I was religious too. :pensive: It’s so hard and I miss my dad every day, all the time.

Have you tried supplements? I find melatonin helps me to fall asleep if I take it about an hour before going to bed. I still wake up in the night, though, haven’t found anything that works properly for that yet.

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