Nowhere to turn to

Hello all
This week especially I have felt I have nowhere to turn to even more so since it suddenly dawned on me in work after I spoke to this really nice person who told me he found his mum after she walked out on his father 15 years ago. He hadn’t seen his mum in 15 years ago. He was understandably angry she hadn’t kept in contact but he told me life is to short to be angry for the rest of your life. He told me he still needed his mum especially so he could turn to her
Like I said it made ms realise that I didn’t have my mum to turn to. I lost her in 2016 and after hearing his story I didn’t need to be made to realise I had nowhere to turn to but it upset me so much just how horrible it is my mum isn’t here for me.
That day is was in work I work on the streets in enforcement and I have to be able to focus on my work and I stayed jn work but tears were in my eyes god could I turn them of no way. My supervisor asked me on my break am I okay I lied and said yes sure but on my break I sobbed my heart out thinking why me why do I have to go through this heartache. I didn’t do anything to deserve this I never asked for it. After my break I carried on working and somehow I got the strength to do my job thinking about my mum and I know what she said to me son I love you your sttronger than this. She was right my mum was always right even though I would argue with her. Oh god if she was here now I would never argue with her ever again and what a lovely thought to think my mum was deserving of utter respect no matter what.


I am so sorry, but I do know how you feel l lost my 22 yr daughter, then 3 months after my dad. Five years later my mum and in June my husband. I have a Autistic son but l feel very much alone at work l don’t say anything. Unless people experience loss l don’t think they can relate.
The loneliness can be unbearable in the past l could go to my mum, and have a good moan or my hubby or daughter but now there is no one. But l had a strong loving family and l remind myself how lucky I have been when l get low.
It’s not easy and l feel life is cruel so my heart goes out to you xx

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I lost my mum just recently, it was sudden and we also had our arguments never over anything serious I just wanted her to make sure that she was OK and got what she needed. She would see herself as a burden if she ever needed anything and that would frustrate me as she deserved as much as anyone else, she worked hard all her life. I only had my mum no dad in my life and the void without her is like nothing else I have experienced. She lived close by and I can’t just pop in any more.
I had an HR call yesterday she was checking in on me, I had a melt down last week after struggling for a few days. She said that its triggers and I just thought no it’s grief, I am still going through the grieving process and she just doesn’t get it even though she has also lost her mum. I am at the stage where I just say what she wants to hear. Fortunately I do have a colleague who understands and is always there to listen. Try and find someone else who knows what you are going through and speak to them and keep using this page as has been a huge help for me.
Take care
Valda :sparkling_heart:

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I know what you mean. Recently I found out in worn that any family emergencies has to be taken as a sick day. They are seriously having a laugh it wouldn’t be who’s sick. It would be a relative. My employer will be getting a grievance out in. Because for example my dad who’s only surviving relative at the age of 78 is suddenly taken I’ll and he needs my support I won’t hesitate in taking time of work. Family comes first not work. Losing my mum made me realise this it shouldn’t take my mum going but it has and my dad comes first. To say I’m fuming with my employer is an understatement