Into week five now, last week was really emotional :cry: xx


Hello @Nyoka, I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband. Five weeks is such a short space of time - well done for reaching out and I hope you find the community to be a support. Many of our members have experienced the loss of a partner and will understand what you are going through.

I also wanted to share our Grief Guide with you: griefguide.sueryder.org It has advice and resources to help you throughout your grief.

You are not alone,

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hi Nyoka
i am very sorry for your loss , Grief can really knock you cant it . I’ve had times of just crying and crying and been in bed all day no motivation. I’ve had to drag myself out of bed and back into doing things .cry when you need to .I put some 'positves 'in place One was a photo collage of photos of my dad . At first it helped then it made me miss him more and i was more weepy then it helped again .Its a strange and difficult road we’re on . But it is ‘we’ . We’re all on the same road -together in this . We are all here for you when you feel ready , post again

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Thankyou for welcoming me into this group! Today is week 5, I’ve been keeping busy, going and getting a lovely tattoo (at my age) Cyril would be saying " not again" :shushing_face: Then to chemist with my daughter to pick up a script from doctor, then actually ate something for tea, Then my youngest daughter was with me for most of the evening! So I am calling today ( a good day) Am I able to post a pic of my tattoo on here?

hi Nyoka glad that you had a ‘good day’ and that you have family around you . It must be a good help. Please look after yourself . You sound like your struggling to eat . Try little and often . people are here day and night on this site so post at anytime

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Yes, please feel free to share a picture, would just avoid sharing anything that’s identifying to protect your privacy. If you click the little square icon with a picture on it, you can upload your photo :blush:

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