Obtuse 02

I am trying to make a living and survive while grieving for my loved one, yet I have to deal with obtuse people.

The latest are 02. I spoke to their bereavement team a few days ago about one account where I keep on getting reminders and threatening letters in spite of the fact that they know Andrew died. They said the account has been written off.

Yet, I get another threatening letter this morning. I spoke with their accounts and they were hopeless, tried to shift things onto their bereavement department and just took note that I am not happy. What does that mean, exactly?

Of course, their bereavement team is not open today!

I am fed up.


I always try to follow up phone calls by sending an email confirming our conversation and what was agreed. I ask for acknowledgement of my email too. That helps create a paper trail making it harder for them to ‘lose’ conversations over the phone. You have records of your conversations too. This also proves you have told them clearly and that errors in billing are their fault and not yours. Good luck with it. Sending hugs xxx


Another tip I was given when dealing with folk on the phone in call centres or offices, is to make a note of their name when they answer the call - you know the spiel:
“Godd morning. Your through to Acme International. Flossie speaking. How may I help you?”

Open the conversation using Flossie’s name and, more importantly, at the end of the call, use Flossie’s name again. “Thanks for your help, Flossie” or whatever.

It drives home the point that you know who they are and if what they said will happen doesn’t happen, you will know who to direct it back to.

If you keep a log as well so if you do need to call back when it all goes belly up, you can be specific ie “I spoke to Flossie, on Wednesday the 6th etc etc”.

It’s a pain, but effective and a good habit to get into because, of course, you don’t know that there is going to be a problem, until there is a problem.

can you record the phone conversations ? Do you have a camcorder or recorder you could put on record whilst on the phone ? I do this with my camcorder when i phone the Council up or others . Other organisations record conversations when they phone so why cant we???
I will back up what Winging it says by making sure you get their name and keep a log
and what Nell 2 says keep e mails . Any e mail i send i also send it to myself at same time so i have a log of whats said