Odd 1 out

Having recently been widowed and feeling raw pain find one of worst things is being the odd 1 out, all our friends are couples and while they have all been so good and I know will include me in coming events really not sure I can cope being on my own. Did not realise until now how hard this could be, but then we always done everything together and I have found that I do not really have any friends either single or in similar circumstances to me. How do I start again when all my friends where our friends not just mine. HELP

Hi frankie
Hard to face life without our partner but now waking up to reality to do everything alone.
My friends and relatives drift away they desapair even with the lockdown
Dont feel uncomfortable with your friend couples around, think that your husband knew them that he was pleased to know they will support you.
It is not the same but i read that some people are trying to organise a meeting in this community maybe helps

Take care

Thank you Devi good to know not alone in this, know it early days and lockdown does not help but as you say my husband trusted our friends and so do I just hard to be on your own when you have never been before. Take Care here if you need a chat

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Maybe when lockdown ends and bereavement support groups start to meet in person again you could try to find and join a group in your area where you could meet other widows who are in similar positions,

Maybe I could unfortunately not great at going into unknown crowds but going to try changing that. Loneliness is my biggest problem at mo never have lived on my own before, children call and visit but not the same as having someone with you always.

Thank you for taking time to reply

@Frankie7 I am feeling that way too. Our closest friends were other couples. They are lovely people but the dynamic has changed. Due to covid we could not see them anyway. It is a long time since I have had to make friends of my own. Although we socialised with other couples, my partner and I went out and about or stayed in mainly together. Thought about evening classes, but they are online now. To be honest when I went to some in the past a lot of people went to evening classes in twos anyway. it is difficult to work out a way to feel less lonely. I definitely do not want to date anyone, it would just be nice to have someone to go out to the cinema with or for a meal and chat when we are allowed to.

Hi Wong you got how I feeling in one, not easy but we can but hope when lockdown ends things might get a little better at least we will be able to see other people. Not going to be easy but I here for you if you need a chat.

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dear Odd 1 out, never give up — I have also lost a beloved wife (Married for only 8 years), now she’s gone — I am left alone and broken hearted – friends and family l don’t understand it yet, but I do! Just take it one day at a time, that’s all you can really do - as so I am — I wish you the best hop and wishes for all this — please be strong in this ordeal. You are not alone. Blessings to you dear Lady!
Herb (aka greencat1950)

Thank you for your kind words just not easy after 43 years of a very happy marriage finding being on my own very hard.
Take care