Odd experience - any mech. engineers here?

I am looking for a mechanical engineer to explain a strange experience.
I was among family items stored.

Then I suddenly heard music chimes in one of the boxes. I investigated and my old jewelry box, a childhood gift from my parents, started to play its tune with the ballerina twirling around and around.

I, and no one else, have wound it up in years. So I wondered if a mechanical engineer can explain how a music box, untouched, would begin to play on its own. It also stopped on its own.

Thank you.

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Hello @berit ,

Thank you for sharing this with us. I’m just giving your thread a gentle, “bump” for you - hopefully someone will have some thoughts to share.

Take good care,


Berit it could be a mechanical issue like a cog misaligned or change in temperature.hope this helps you

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Many clock work things have residual power left in the spring even though they have stopped, just disturbing them can start them running for a short while, I collect mechanical watches and sometimes they can start working when you pick them up even years after they have stopped.
Best wishes.

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Sounds like a poltergeist, or an unearthly presence - except that’s highly implausible since no one has ever proven that ghosts actually exist, based on what I have read at least.
Just my opinion. Doesn’t mean I’m right.
Also, I doubt a mechanical engineer could help, unless it has an engine. Perhaps a toy repair shop or a clock maker.

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thanks so much for the replies.

I didn’t touch it. it just started. toy maker might know, yes. thanks.

I thought engineer as they know how things move.

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