Old friends are the best

I lost the love of my life on the 18th April, had been married for 42 years met him when I was 17. Left work to care for him and was with him when he passed away, it is still raw and heartbreaking, he’s on my my mind constantly, wear my sunglasses constantly as I burst into tears very easily. This web site is a comfort because we all feel the same pain and devastation. It’s hard to get through each day. An old school friend whom I have been in contact with over the years, came to visit she lives 200 miles away when I text her about my hubby she came to see me the following week, flowers kisses and tears ensued. Reminiscing about our youthful days and how we met our life partners and abandoned our teenage years, there was a group 4 of us who hung around together, one of whom emigrated to Canada, two who stayed local and one who went to live in Yorkshire. Since my Bereavement my old friends have been in touch more than ever, what comfort. As one of them said, it’s not something they ever want to think about, I am the first of our group to become bereaved. What wonderful support from my oldest friends. We’re all going to Canada in July to visit our friend who emigrated there, how wonderful in such a sad time to be going abroad.
My children fully support me in my going. I am looking forward to it, something to focus on. But in a heartbeat I’d rather have my hubby back than anything. But he’s not going to come back I do need to move forward, I hope I don’t keep crying whilst I’m there.

Your husband will be extremely proud and you deserve this x

I can’t speak for anyone else but, for me, time away from home and being engaged in different things has been very beneficial.
I’m touring Cornwall at the moment and I’m in no rush to return home.
I hope it works out for you going to Canada and gives you a much needed lift.
It’s been 9 months since my wife died and new memories and new experiences are helping me to adjust.