Old grief resurfacing

Recently a friend connected to 3 major losses in my life died & it seems to have brought to the surface the raw pain of these losses, I am struggling to cope


Hello @Saorsa

I just wanted you to know that I read you’re message. You’re not alone. Sending strength and a virtual hug :people_hugging:

I’ve no experiance of this. I’m new to this grief journey and just in pure raw grief. It totally sucks.

You never stop loving people so its understanable life events will trigger deep feelings.

I’m so sorry for your loses. This sounds really hard.

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Thank-you for your kindness, I am so sorry to hear you are in the midst of such raw and overwhelming emotions.

My loses happened 25yrs, 17yrs and 15yrs ago. But this friend’s sudden passing just before Christmas has touched the pain of those loses in such a way I feel back, emotionally, in those early days of grief. I’m not thinking of the loss of my friend, I’m lost in what it has touched in me. It feels like I have gone backwards in grief.

You are generous to reach out when you are in so much pain yourself. A lot of those early days are blank & some are etched so deeply I won’t ever forget. I can tell you will adjust. There is no forcing it, bargaining with it or ignoring it, grieving will walk at its own pace.

Take it one step at a time, you can do this.