OMG I am so annoyed!

I apologise but I just need to vent my anger somewhere. I have just been filling in a form and where it asked for marital status, divorced/separated/widowed were all lumped together as one. Totally insensitive. How dare they? They are completely different. I AM MARRIED!

It annoys me too, the other two categories can never be associated with the third one, I still can’t bring myself to say that word in relation to my marital status, it is a label that is alien to me like you, I’m still married, I’m not single, not divorced nor am I separated,

You vent all you wish, I’m right up there with you Kate


It’s so sad every day is getting worse all I want is my soulmate back in my arms every second I feel like im being choked its taking my breath away my heart hurts so bad x

Good for you, pleased I’m not the only one. When I was insuring my car, I had to tell them that Brian was no longer the other driver (it’s my car). First of all I was told it would cost me another £18 to have his name taken off, so I told them to leave it on then. Then the man on the other end of the line said he would put me down as widow. I hate that word and immediately snapped back that I was married and wished to stay that way. He must have thought I was a bad tempered customer I have no intention of taking off my rings. I too AM MARRIED to Brian and will remain so for the rest of my days. If they honestly think we can cast our loved ones to one side just like that then they are so wrong. Pat xxx

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I so agree with everyone’s comments the words widow/widower are so ugly .
I have been watching a programme about people getting married in Cyprus, and every time the registrar says “til death do us separate “ I shout at the tv!. Rubbish I am as married as I was before he died

EXACTLY !!! Let’s start our own club. How dare anyone tell us we are not married anymore. Death won’t part me from my Brian. I love him more than ever.

100% agree with you. Kate. I was told on the phone lately, “I’ll put you down as single now the marriage as ended”. I said, “put me down as whatever you like I actually don’t care. My marriage is very much alive as am I and that won’t ever change. Your thoughts and opinions are irrelevant to me, just as mine obviously are to you…”

Insensitivity at its finest (red angry face emoji)! xx

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Me too. I’ll always be Ian’s wife. Married.
Love Julie xx

Thanks everyone for your responses. I think we’re all in agreement:


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You bet we are and proud of it. God bless our men/women.

Pat xxx

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I have put my tin hat on.

Is there a possible misunderstanding or misinterpretation? In our marriage vows it says, “'till death us do part” it doesn’t say, “'till death our marriage do part”. I interpret my vows to mean that we are together in person until one partner dies then we are parted from our loved one when one of us dies not parted from our marriage but parted in person. Widow/widowed may be a term not liked by some but it only indicates that one is parted from their partner in person due to death not parted in marriage as I interpret it. I haven’t seen anywhere where it says you are not married anymore when you die but only when one dies that they are physically parted.
Just my thoughts,
B x

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