on waiting list for more bereavement counselling sessions

saw doctor last week,was given a phone number for talking therapies .phone the other day was called this morning.was an assessment chat was asked some difficult questions.and have been put on the waiting list for bereavement counselling.was told could take a month or 2.i need them so the wait is worth it.see last time I had counselling was about 6 weeks after Jayne passed and I mostly talked about how nasty and very unsupportive the family was to say the least.so much crap was thrown at me.hopefully I will get to release some of the hurt ful things revolving around in my head which at the moment is affecting my sleeping patterns big time.any body needs bereavement counselling please ask your doctors if they’ve got an ounce of empathy they will be able to point you in the direction of some bereavement counsellor .good luck.

Pleased your hopefully getting the counselling you want but don’t rely on a GP. Mine was not bothered in the early days, yet he knew what I had gone through caring for Brian. A nurse did shove a Cruse leaflet into my hand. And of course you have to be able to get a GP appointment first. I tried in June and was refused. I was in pain and rang 111 and told to go to the GP !!! So I took myself up to the A&E on the bus. I was admitted for three days and then sent to another hospital for an op. So I wasn’t wasting their time. This year was the first time I had been to a GP for fifteen years, so this should tell them something. I tried again a few weeks ago and was refused an appointment again although I was concerned about something re: the op. Might as well go straight to A&E which they don’t want you to do.
If you have a local hospice then approach them for counselling, they have group sessions and one to one and more helpful. and I believe have good results. Good luck

hi Pat.sorry to hear your doctors surgery are useless and seemingly uncaring people.i must of been lucky then as all the doctors ive seen at my doctors surgery have been very understanding and showed me lots of empathy.
sad that all doctors cant read from the same page as regards attitudes to those bereaved and others of course.i had my first bereavenent sessions through the east cheshire hospice they finished in August and youve not got be a rocket scientist to know im not coping.
thank you for resonding Pat.x

Hi Ian,
Sorry to hear you are having a long wait for counselling. I just wanted to let you know that Sue Ryder offers a free online bereavement counselling service where you can speak to a counsellor by video chat. You can find out more here:

thank you Priscilla.
not sure how long the talking therapies appointment is going take to come through,and I know I need help.im having real trouble trying get Jaynes nasty relatives out of my mind.and off course im struggling with the loss of Jayne big time.so I will see if the bereavement service you offer is going help me.

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hi Priscilla.
i pressed the link.said pick a day said nothing available.but showed i needed sign in but wouldnt accept the pw dont know whats up.

Hi Ian, I’ll check with the counselling team about the availability of appointments and get back to you.

The counselling is a separate site to the community now (we originally trialled it with community members only, but we have recently made it available more widely) so you would need to register an account there.

thank you Priscilla

Hi Ian, I’ve checked with the counselling service and they add new appointments to the system regularly. You can email online.counselling@sueryder.org and ask them to let you know when more are available.

I’ve also had trouble with the Counselling page accepting my password then read the post here - it doesn’t make it clear that site has to be registered on again separately from this one. Maybe it could be made a little clearer?

Hi @lost66 I’m sorry the changes weren’t clear to you - were you an existing counselling client before 12 November or are you signing up as a new client? All of the existing clients should have been notified about the changes by email, but please let me know if that wasn’t the case for you.

We’ve separated the two sites to give us more chance to improve the technology of both, but also to make it easier for people to sign up for the counselling service without the extra step of first joining the community if they don’t want to.

Hello @Jianye - more counselling appointments are now available on the system if you’d like to try again to book.

ok thank you Prescilla