One more day.

Hi all. If we could have one more day with those we lost. What would you do.? Would it make a difference. Would you use every second to hold them tight. Would you not let them out of your sight. Would you tell them you love them. Would you warn them what was waiting just around the corner.
I had a million things I wanted to say to my son. When I tried counseling the woman said to me. If he was sat here now, what would you say to him. I just came up blank. I couldn’t think of anything to say. What can you say? “Oh by the way this time tomorrow you won’t be hear.”. Of coarse I can say . I love you,. But nothing you say or do will change the outcome. I have longed so many times to just see him one more time. But would that make me feel any better. Would the impact be any less. Would I have spent the first 3 years wandering round like a zombie. Would I miss him any less. I want him back every single day. As it happens the final thing we said to each other was via txt msg. (He had left home). He txt to ask how I was, general chit chat and we finished by saying. Love you!!! From all the days from that day to this. He has left a hole I can never fill. So one more day would never be enough. It wouldn’t really matter at what stage I Lost him. The devastation would always be the same. It’s the devastation that destroys you. If only we could deal with greif a lot easier than we are able. It’s almost like you need to be punished because someone close has died on you. Time does go by and you are able to deal with it better. But there will always be that someone missing from your life. The big question is.!!! If you never had that person you wouldn’t be feeling how you do now. But I would rather be feeling like this, than to have never had my son in the first place and be pain free. Thanks for listening :slightly_smiling_face:


hello- your post was poignant. I am early into my loss.I lost a son in September 2021 and a so less than three months later. I Know if I could see them again I would say ‘I Love you’ ,"I love you, I love you. Yes I can never imagine not having them in my life even though I am heartbroken . Thank you for the insightful text that really touched me. J