one of the tattoos dedicated to my memory of Jayne

never had or wanted any tattoos ,but wanted something to keep Jaynes close to me.think ive already said I also have a little plastic bag with Jaynes hair [took from all the brushes Jayne used and washed ]in which I always have in the top left hand pocket of the shirt im wearing.


Very nice I am shore Jayne would love it

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That’s lovely Ian. What a lucky lady Jayne was to have lived loved and been adored and found her soulmate in you. . My brother had never found love. I feel so sad for him.

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thank you Cj12 much appreciated .and im hoping Jayne would love it

thank you Jooles ,I was the luck one,but we were both happy to of found each other .sorry that your brother didn’t find love I agree it is so sad.

What a lovely tribute to your beloved Jayne. My sweet departed sister lived by the sea, and fancied Mermaids.
I plan to get a Mermaid tattoo in her memory. Had any one heard that some tattoo artists will mix your loved ones ashes with the ink, when applying the tattoo? Keeping Jayne’s hair in your pocket sounds comforting as well Ian. We do what we can to forever hold them near to us. Thank you for sharing, :broken_heart: Sister2


thank you for your very nice words ,sister2.good luck with getting the mermaid tattoo.

After my husband died in September I had his signature tattooed on my arm. It is beautiful. It’s my first tattoo.

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I have been reading and catching up with posts which were written long before my dear husband died, quite suddenly.
I am astounded by the greed and heartlessness of your Jayne’s family. “The love of money is the root of all evil”. Having said this, I shouldn’t be surprised, you may have read my post which tells of my beloved younger brother dying, we were so close, I shall never become used to him not being there for me at the end of the phone. There were 3 of us, I, being the eldest, by 8 and 11 years, I wasn’t well enough to attend my brother’s funeral. 2 days after it had taken place I rang my sister, she is the youngest and she did nothing but call my brother and could not say anything bad enough about him. I defended him, this is 4 years ago, I have not heard another word from her and my ex-sister-in-law. Even when my husband was ill nothing!!! when he died nothing!!!, it opened my eyes, my husband was always so kind to both of them, I feel bitter and I don’t like the feeling .

Thankfully I have 2 really good children who have been really good and a lot of friends with whom I keep in touch. I do hope that you have managed to sort things out to your advantage, maybe this isn’t the right word.
Blessings, MaryL

hi MaryL
Sadly some families are for what of a better word arseholes.Jayne was the friendliest loveliest kindest person you could ever wish to meet.seems Jayne had 100% of her families those qualities.they only had greed nastiness rudeness etc.i was lucky Jayne chose they say you cannot choose your family.they never gave an inkling that they didn’t like me,until after Jayne I was expecting at least a little support and I got anything but.i had to move from the home I shared with Jayne for over 20 years,im now in a bungalow,ive done a few posts stating how im feeling etc etc.not coping money does not buy happiness to those who have lost the most important person ever to of been apart of their lives.sorry that you’ve been treat badly hope you manage to find help and comfort else where and they keep away if thats what is best for you
kind regards

Hi again Ian,
Thank you for your reply, I would imagine that this heartless lot made your Jayne’s life a misery, she sounds to have been a thoroughly nice lady. I bet they (her family) were jealous of you and they kept it under wraps. I would never ever have turned someone out of their home after all those years. They should be ashamed of themselves as if it weren’t bad enough losing your Jayne without their bile and bitterness causing so much upset.
We have a saying in Yorkshire “There is nowt as queer as folk”. As for my lot it is the fact that my nephews and nieces have cut me off too, goodness knows what they have been told.
My very best wishes,

hi Mary L
the nieces and nephews on Jaynes side range from 6 to 19 and there is 3 nephews and 2 nieces.Jayne loved all the nephews and nieces on both sides of our family,i would love to of been a part of their lives .I cannot imagine what as been said to any of them by their evil grandma and their Dads.[Jaynes brothers.ive said to 2 friends if im alive in years to come and get chance talk to any of them I would tell them about Jayne and how much she thought of them,that we had a great loved for each other and that I would of loved to of been part of their lives for Jaynes sake,sadly I wasn’t given the option by the family.
im sorry you are being treated to badly seems some families dont care about close relatives.the situation we are in shows clearly especially in my case with not being married that the intestate rules regarding next of kin are not correct,if was loving caring family maybe ok,but just because you are a blood relation doesnt make you deserving of receiving the property of your blood relation.not that it would of eased my pain at losing my soulmate Jayne.just that Jayne chose me to spend her life with not them.
hope things work out for you,and you keep getting support and comfort from the friends and family who care for you.
take care

Thank you very much, Ian, for your understanding message, I hope the same for you.
I firmly believe that we shall see our loved ones again, when the time is right.

your very welcome MaryL
and I really do hope with all my heart that I get to see Jayne ,hopefully sooner rather than later.

You will see your beloved Jayne one day, Ian, of this, I am sure.


thank you MaryL
I really hope thats what im looking forward to.being with Jayne

You are very welcome, Ian, take good care of yourself.

I had a tattoo done on the first anniversary of losing Clive as a memorial. It’s at the top of my leg so no-one really sees it, it’s just for me. Clive is the golden heart and I’m the grey one and we’re wrapped in eternity.

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nice having another dedicated to Jayne on the 20th January.
missing Jayne like crazy and this is something keep me close to Jayne.

Yours is gorgeous. I never thought I’d have a tattoo - I’m not very good with pain! But now I’m thinking of having a 3D butterfly on my shoulder - they symbolise change and facing the future - just to remind me that I have to go on and find some kind of life for myself.