One of those day's

Where nothing is right I am out of step with the world and everyone in it I don’t belong have on place

Sorry some how got cut off short just have a very bad day brought down by family telling me how hard there partner is working to achieve there dreams and how I should be working harder to but my dreams have gone I was just made to feel not good enough it brought me down I will get over it I have to. Thank you for all being there to here me rant xx

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Hi, really sorry to see that you had one of those days where everything is wrong. It is sad that people should put expectations on you whilst you are suffering from terrible grief, I guess they just don’t realise how devastating it can be, or lack empathy, but you are doing your best, and should always remember that.

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Oh yes. It can be a hard and cruel business this grief. ‘Out of step with the world’. Or is it the world is out of step with us, because most have no idea of the pain. Now what do you mean by ‘not good enough?’ For what? Everyone of us is unique. There never was anyone like us before and never will be again. Which makes us all something special. YOU are special, we all are! They tell you that you should be working harder. Now how do they know that? Most people only see things from their own perspective. Putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes is not easy. It’s called empathy. ‘To enter into another’s suffering as if it were your own’. It happens on here. Not sympathy, although that’s what most people do and it hardly helps, but knowing someone actually understands the pain can lift us up just a little.
Take care. Blessings. John.