One or both arms?

It’s jabs season again. I always have what is necessary and sensible .

However, I always get a terribly sore arm for days after my covid and flu jabs. Bad enough to have one arm out of action but now I reckon the NHS are often urging people to get both at once. So is that two jabs in one arm or one in each?

I say be careful, choose what is best for you. Some people get little pain but others like me are in stiffened agony, unable to use the arm. So I will arrange mine to be done on different days. I am certainly not having both arms done on one day!

What do you think?

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Hi, you are right do what is best for you because being on one’s own we have to think differently. I am on a trial but don’t know officially which I had. I did have a scare arm for a day but nothing to worry me about but I have a high pain threshold. Personally so long as you protect yourself and others by having the gabs dose it matter? Go with your gut and you will be fine. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. S xx

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