One week

It’s been a week. I have had since Xmas expecting it. I thought I was coping well but I looked at a photo of his smiling face this morning and I am howling and begging him to come back. I can’t stop


It really is raw at 1 week no matter how much time you have to prepare. It’s coming up to 8 weeks for me. Nearly 4 weeks since funeral and he is not interred yet as ground has been too hard. Decided on interment in the woodland walk where they note where the ashes are buried and up to 3 others can be included in that grave. It is a beautiful area and I would prefer to think of him there than with a rose or bench or plaque

He hated funerals so I am having a farewell in a little wood in the countryside near here and will later take his ashes to his home town and river.

Today all I want to do is go with him


One week in is such a raw time and wanting to be with him is a normal feeling that a lot of us have felt.
Joining here will hopefully help you. Nobody wants to be in this club but it is very supportive.

I felt that giving him the send off he wanted was very very important and has helped with the grieving. Also carrying out his wishes after he passed