One year ago today . . . .

My world as I knew it was shattered into little pieces when my darling John died. After 44 years of marriage, two sons and four grandchildren my life changed forever. To die beside me in bed to try to resuscitate him without success will stay with me forever. But today instead of thinking about that one horrible night I have tried today to think of all the good times we had together, the wonderful things that came into our life, the numerous overseas places we visited and the times we have laughed till we cried. I miss him every second of every day and my broken heart will never mend, but as I enter the second year without him I intend to enjoy the life I have left, the best that I can.

I’ll never ever get over losing you darling but I know you’re beside me and guiding me through this tricky part of my life. Sleep tight :zzz:

George :broken_heart:


@Georgie15 hi georgie I am so sorry for the loss of your husbend john and that you are going through this heartbreak. Wow 44 years lots of beautiful memories. I hope you had your family around you today. It will be a year for me next week since I lost my soulmate. Sending you hugs x


Hi Georgie
What a lovely positive post. I know today would have been difficult for you but it’s good that you were able to remember the good times. We do have to try and get on and live the rest of our lives the best we can without our other half as difficult as it is.
Take care xx