One year anniversary

As the one year anniversary of my ex husband’s death approaches, I find myself starting to grieve again. It’s almost like I did when he died last year. Last week, I went to my first concert since his death and although it was one of my favorite artists and it was phenomenal, I kept thinking about Paul. We loved going to concerts together and always had such a great time. I couldn’t help but notice that I had an empty seat to the right and the left of me, where Paul would have been sitting. I went back to the hotel I was staying at and cried myself to sleep. I don’t know if it was my imagination or wishful thinking but I felt his presence there with me, trying to comfort me. Maybe this is all just a natural progression of the grief process when it gets close to anniversaries - I don’t know. Oh God, I still miss him so much. I’m starting to think that this will never get better and I’ll forever have this pain in my heart.


Hello @Cmasse64, thank you for sharing how you’re feeling - I wanted to let you know that you have been heard. It sounds like it was a big step to go to the concert without Paul, so well done on taking it, even if it was hard.

Doing things we used to do with our loved ones, and anniversaries, can stir up a lot of feelings. I wanted to share this blog written by Richard. He lost his wife to cancer and writes about all the milestones in the year leading up to the anniversary, and beyond it. I hope you can find a little bit of comfort from it.

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Well done you for going to the concert on your own. I can understand how upsetting it would have been but you should be proud of yourself for doing it. I’m sure your husband would be too.
We used to go to concerts and shows quite a bit. It’s coming up to one year since mark died. Miss him so much but like you trying to get on with things but it’s so hard doing things and going places on your own.
Take care xx

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Hi the 1st anniversary of my mom’s death is on Friday and I have been struggling. It seems to be coming through as anger and being annoyed at everything