One year on 😔😢

Yesterday was a bad day one year on and every thing came back like it was the day my princess left I cried so much until I couldn’t see eyes burning with tears like battery acid people say it will get easier I say don’t think so , how to move on ? Grief is so cruel it just hits you with a tidal wave of emotions and swamps your heart with floods of tears ! But got so many happy memories image|666x500


That’s a beautiful picture

Steve, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photo. Anniversaries are very hard and as you say grief hits you like a steamroller and there’s very little we can do but talk tiny steps until tomorrow which is a different day. Bless you for sharing, look after yourself. S xx


Thank you
Tracy was never one for a photo shoot but I always disagreed

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I’m so sorry for your loss Steve.

What a beautiful photo. You looked so happy together.

I agree with you saying grief hits you with a tidal wave of emotions. That’s exactly how I feel. Nearly a year for me since I lost my darling.

It’s painful and so hard to bear.

As you say though we have so very many happy, happy memories.


Janey I first met Tracy at school when we was in the infants right up to senior/high school so we have plenty of memories she was only 57 when she passed away


That’s lovely Steve, We had 40 years but that still wasn’t enough. Ian was 65 when he died. :broken_heart:

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I know what you mean “wasn’t enough” I’m still trying to figure out why ? Why me and the rest if you know what I mean x


Life can be so sad. I too feel it wasn’t enough. I think we will feel that until the day we die. We loved our other half and will never be whole again. Thinking of all of us xx