One year on.


It’s been a year my darling Bruce
A year since I held your hand
A year since I looked into your eyes
And made you understand

That my love for you is endless
I’ll love you all my life
Til death us do part I promised
The day I became your wife

But death could never break
The closeness that we share
I still speak to you everyday
And know that you still care

I don’t hear you speak the answers
But I get them anyway
Somehow you get through to me
And I know just what you’d say

We could always have a conversation
Without saying a single word
But I miss our chats and laughs
Now your voice cannot be heard

I try to smile each and everyday
And not wallow in sorrows
But I miss all our yesterdays so much
And hate that we have no tomorrow’s

Life goes on without you
And I kept my promise to live
But to have you back beside me
There’s nothing I wouldn’t give



@AnnB hi Anne that is absolutely beautiful and I’m sure your Bruce would love it. It’s a beautiful tribute to him and the love you share. Take care love and hugs casey x


Thank you.
Poetry is a way of getting my thoughts out xx