One year today

Its one year today since my lovely husband John died.
It has been a very difficult and upsetting time and sorry everyone, it doesnt get any easier.
I dont post so much now as trying to get on with a life which is still awful but I carry on. I do lots , volunteer, see friends , go out for days and see family occasionally as they are busy, have even booked a holiday next year on my own.
But miss him so much still and all the things we did together.
I hope the 2nd year grief gets more bearable and life feels worth living on my own.
Love to you all xx


I think you are amazing getting through one year,with everything that I feel about the pain of losing my wife I just know it can’t have been easy for you. I know we are advised to do things,avoid things,keep busy etc,etc, but when all of that stops it just isn’t possible to stop our minds thinking about losing the one we love and want back.
So well done,a full year of all that pain and suffering is quite an achievement in my opinion, I’m four months in on my journey and it’s absolute hell.


Thank you for your kind words.

We are all stronger than we know and time passes and we find we have got through every day, whether it be better or worse than the previous day.
We keep going because we have too. It is our life now to make the best of it. We only get one chance of life and surely we all want to make the most of it. Grief undoes all of that but slowly we recover and realise our partners would want us to do what we can and try to be positive.
I know it is so hard and at times you just want to give up. Only you can make things happen.
I felt quite sad this morning but have realised that if I have got through one year, then another one cant be any worse and there has to be a new and different life for me somewhere.
Keep going, you are doing well. Four months is amazing. Take care Love xx