Ongoing depression

The loss of my dad is still distressing me because everytime I go out somewhere. I tend to think about him a lot and the things we did together. I don’t always like being on my own when I really want to connect with someone.

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Hi @Frank1,

Thank you for opening up about how you are feeling here - I’m so sorry to hear you are feeling distressed about the loss of your Dad. That is completely understandable. I do hope you are finding the community a helpful and supportive place.

I thought I’d also share this link to the self-help tools on Grief Guide as they might help you to reflect upon the things you did together with your Dad.

Please know you are not alone.

Take care,

It’s a very big loss . My son is the same he can’t do things he did with his dad or visit places too .he is starting counselling soon . That may help you

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I had counselling before and it’s finished because it was limited to a year.