Online dating experiences

I know this is not a site about dating though there are posts about it on here. I ask about it as I feel I can trust the people on here and I feel people here are honest and truthful and I trust what they say, mostly.

I have lost my family to death. I am single and am on online dating. There are posts here, older ones, regarding this but I sought any new experiences anyone may have had as it is rather a strange experience.

And it demands being attuned to one´s instincts as I find a first glance or impression has proven correct though I am usually the kind to give people a chance, which is alright. But any advice when it comes to online love?

The loneliness of this time in my life drives me to these sites. And, as a friend who met his wife online, advised: you sort though them quickly. Another friend who had success (I know several older people than myself finding someone) said if something felt off at all, she just did not respond.

It is no fun though I have met people which I never do in real life anymore. Sad that life has moved online. I do belong to groups but have met no one so far, astronomy, writing, adult ed classes, church group, singles professional network etc.

Thank you for any advice. It is a lonely pursuit.

Hiya. Online dating is a minefield! That said, it’s where I met Alan so I can’t criticise it as a way to meet people that you wouldn’t in your everyday life. I will say though that, before I found him, I was contacted and met some very strange characters! And some lovely people who just weren’t for me. I think you have to be realistic in your expectations and you have to persevere . Don’t take rejection too personally. And be specific about what you are looking for. If it’s just friendship then say so, if it’s a relationship then let them know. And maybe look at some sites that cater for people who have similar interests to you. I personally would avoid anything that is free too. At least if a financial commitment is involved it means they have had to make some kind of effort! When I feel ready I will probably try online dating again and I wish you loads of luck x

thanks so much. I am glad you met Alan but is he deceased why you are on this board? so sorry if that is the case. I appreciate this reply. yes, no free sites, I agree.

wouldnt touch them with a barge pole, wouldnt trust anyone on there and i am certainly not paying the fees they want. you can meet someone by goiung out same as we did for decades before the internet. also as my son found out once that if your social media platforms dontr come up to scratch you stand no chance and you need to be on all of them.

Hi. Yes Alan passed away just before Christmas. One day we were planning our wedding, the next he had a massive cardiac arrest and I found myself planning his funeral instead. It was brutal.


oh that is brutal. I am so sorry for this turn of events. I wish you the best.

I agree with your point of view however people do not converse in real life that much. especially as adults. I see no other choice. I met four fine family men online, two proper engineers. I would not have met them otherwise. I take all precautions and a lady lawyer friend met my friend online. she did advise me. I do try other ways, groups, adult ed, but so far nothing. it is very sad.