only 10 days till my next tattoo

on 20th January im having another tattoo dedicated to my baby Jayne.i cannot decide as to what im going have.already paid the deposit might have to wait until the day to decide.
this is my way ok keeping Jayne close to me.nothing will ever diminish the total love I have for my beautiful soulmate who I miss more as each day passes.

Ian, how about…" Forever Together…" or is that too obvious, see what other members can come up with…


Ian still can’t get a private message through to you will keep trying. My e-mail is OK so not sure what is the problem.

tattoo is always a great way to help keep loved ones we lost close to us forever.
I lost my nun and got daisy tatooed on y arm because she was always bringing me daisies. it helps, everytime I look at it.
Let us know what you had done.

And i keep getting internal messages of why not posting then it does post and duplicate postings that i then have to delete…wish we had kept to our previous system…too many issues with this layout…

hi Pat
tried responing to your message keep getting internal error,then I copy and paste and try again said cannot send as to similar to one ive sent aint got a clue whats occurring.
regards ian

hi Jackie
going probably be another portrait or something love orientated

My husband was really clumsy and broke everything he touched so I was going to get a tattoo with ‘Oops sorry about that’ as he said it about 20 times a day :joy:


Hi. I am having a tattoo in remembrance of my partner who passed 23rd November 2019. I am having our initials woven into the ‘eternity’ :infinity: symbol an R and a P. I am no artist,but I have ‘designed’ it myself and I it will be in purple ink x

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Ian, how about the word “Mizpah” I was told that it is Hebrew and translated it says “May the Lord watch between me and thee, whilst we are parted one from another”. It comes from the book of Genesis.

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Hi I got a tattoo with the letter j with 2 red hearts on my wrist it’s perfect.
Christine x

Rob always said the secret to a happy marriage is just 2 magic words."Yes,dear"If I was brave enough for a tattoo that’s what I would have!

Love it Jill :joy:

That made me smile
Christine x

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