Only sister gone

Not coping to well and scared how I’m going to sis was only 52 and full of life but was marred by illnesses.she passed nearly 4mths ago

Hi Mimi. Four months is so little time for grief. You will cope, we all do but it’s painful. It’s a process that we humans go through when we lose someone close, and it is a natural one, although, at the time, we may feel isolated and lonely.
This site can make you realise you are far from alone. Can I suggest you look at the posts from Sister2. She had the same bereavement as you and you may find her posts helpful.
Many suffer as you are suffering, and that’s why it’s so important to come on a site like this. I know you may feel isolated and alone in your grief, but you are not, far from it.
How much support do you have at home? Have you seen your GP? If not I suggest you do even if you don’t want medication. They can help with advice and showing you services that may be available in your area.
Take care and take it as easy as you can. We are here if you want to talk more. Blessings.

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Thank you for trying my best. It’s so hard but we do all have to cope with grief.will look at her posts.thx again

I do have plenty of support but feel so empty and lonely

I lost my brother tragically and he was also my only sibling xx