My wife passed 15 August 2022. I feel she has visited me 3 times. Once while showering i saw this white reflection in the mirror and then it moved on.
Second time i woke up with two of her cats running over the bed and out the room. Then i saw the same white reflection move over the bed. Cats have not come back into the room. She knew i did not like cats in room at night. But since Sandra passed i been sleeping with door open.
Then this morning as i woke up on the ceiling was a white fluffy balll moving over the ceiling coming to a stop right above my head. I said hello and asked how she is. I thanked her for visiting and that it was comforting to know she was there with me.
Am i just seeing things and making believe to comfort myself. Has anyone else had this kind of experirnce.
Lookforward to your replies and have a good day.


Hi there Graham
No you are not imagining things, not as far as I’m concerned. I have had numerous visitations and similar experiences to yourself. I also thank my husband for thinking of me and being near as he promised me he would always be looking after me just before he died.
I am not a person prone to imaginations and had no thoughts about the Spirit world before losing my husband, so this is all new to me.
It also gives me great comfort to know he is never far away.
take care


my cousin had an orb, too. she hoped it was her father.

a youtube video showed a white orb moving in the room. that is all that I know.

best to you :innocent:

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No you are not imagining things at all. My hubby died getting on for 2 and a half years now and 8 months after he died I noticed a glow in the hall just as I was going to bed and when I went to investigate a round light quite suddenly sort of popped out from the floor (best way I can describe it) and as I backed away it followed me! Since then the ‘glow’ in the hall is there every night without fail and I have also seen an orb several times in the house in different places. I have also experienced items being moved, sometimes in a mischievous way. Someone told me that because I feel my hubby around me and talk to him that I may have ‘invited’ some other spirit into the home. I certainly hope not. So many things have happened that I try to look for the logic in but can’t find it! I was never a religious or spiritual person but all this has changed my view on things. I hope you continue to get visitations from your wife. I find it comforting to know my hubby is around me.


I would love my wife to visit me, just to let me know she is in a better place and pain free after passing away at the start of September, battling cancer for 2 years but someone said I’m looking to hard at the moment and she will come to see you when you least expect it.


Thank you for your reply. Everymorning i look at ceiling hoping Sandra would come visit again.
I am a bus driver, the other day i got smell of perfume in my cab. It was there then gone…it did not hang around , then it came back again. Its not a perfume i recognised , maybe a fragrance she wore many years ago. I did say to her…Thank you for coming to drive with me. You have made my day better.


So pleased you are continuing to get signs. There is a thread on here called Psychic Phenomena. It is fascinating to read other peoples experiences of their loved ones. It may help you to understand more what is happening. Best wishes.

Hi Graham
I would say that was your wife alright. I have had the smell of tea waft past me and I don’t drink it and never have it in the house but my husband did… It really is a pick me up isn’t it.

I’m always mislaying things. I have poor eyesight after numerous operations and my late husband was always my ‘eyes’ to find things. Alan died in September 2021 and I’m convinced he helps me ‘find’ mislaid items. I just say in my mind ‘where is it’ and I find it. I’m sure it’s Alan helping me. He was a gud’un and miss him more than I can say xx